Medical Outreach providing free healthcare support for the community of Buwampa,
Tongolo parish, Nyenga Division, Njeru Municipality, Buikwe District on the outskirts of Jinja, Uganda
Rotary Club of Woy Woy District 9685 | Rotary Australia World Community Service project 24/2011-12 | Health, Education and Community Empowerment
Medical Outreach 2018
Planning is continuing for the upcoming 3-day Medical Outreach in Buwampa on 14th, 15th, 16th June 2018, at the site of the new Divine Mercy School, a Rotary Woy Woy/RAWCS project, opened in February 2018.
We anticipate a team of around 120 volunteers a day will be on site to assist in running the outreach. This includes 35 local medical staff who will provide a range of consultation health services each day. They will be supported by volunteers from Australia and from our sister club; Rotary Club of Njeru. Local level government will provide the health management system and security. Women from our Pure Joy project will do the catering and there will be a large contingent of Community members who will be on hand each day to assist the outreach.

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For more information on this project and the sponsorship opportunities available, please contact:
Sue O'Neill, Service Project Manager, Rotary Club of Woy Woy
mobile: 0404 432 690
Medical Outreach 2017

2-day clinic

Women, children, pregnant mothers, families, individual men and women, the elderly and physically infirm trekked for miles along dusty roads, some arriving at 6am to queue for free treatment at the clinic which began at 9am each day and continued until dusk.
The Buwampa community is situated on the outskirts of Jinja, overlooking Lake Victoria. The greater majority of people who live in this hillside location are poor and cannot afford healthcare, which resulted in an overwhelming response to the free clinic.   

3,856 patients were seen

The common treatments were for:
malaria | parasitic infections | skin diseases | respiratory illness | hypertension
typhoid | toothache | gastrointestinal problems | eye problems | bone malfunction
Dentists extracted over 100 teeth over 2 days and 85 ultrasounds were carried out in one day.

Volunteer team

The Ugandan team organised volunteer medical staff, medications, laboratory and local support. Medical staff included doctors, medical students, an ultrasound sonographer, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and family planning. Local support was provided by health centre staff, community leaders (translators), political support, police and security.
Five volunteers from Rotary Club of Woy Woy, which included 2 medical professionals from Central Coast Health District, assisted the Ugandan medical team.

Community feedback

Feedback from the community to the outreach has been very positive. Patients appreciated being able to discuss their ailments with health workers, receive advice and testing, free medication and hospital or health centre referral, if they required further treatment. The Hon. Minister of Internal Affairs who visited the clinic was appreciative of the service we had provided for the sick people in the district and invited and encouraged us to come back again for this much-needed service.

Thank you

The 2017 Buwampa Medical Outreach was a huge logistical undertaking that could not have been done without the commitment and dedication of the Ugandan team of Doctors Gilbert, Levert and Timothy, Okello Collins and Grace Anyeno. Rotary Club of Woy Woy also thanks all who volunteered their time and expertise to assist the clinic and help the people of Buwampa.