The purpose of the Vocational Training Team exchange is to facilitate care advancement, networking and training opportunities for medical personal working specifically with HIV+ clients. 

Australian VTT
The Australian Vocational Training team, Dr Debbie Allen (Central Coast District Medical Director of HIV and Related Programs) and RN Michael Williamson (Sexual Health Clinical Nurse Specialist) from the Holden Street Clinic in Gosford went to Uganda in June 2017. The team visited several projects our club supports in Uganda including Alive Medical Services (AMS) in Kampala which serves over 14, 565 HIV+ clients. Dr Debbie and Michael had the opportunity to witness activities in this high volume sexual health clinic and to offer advice and support as well as learn from the team at AMS.
The team were invaluable in assisting 17 experienced health workers from Ugandan hospitals during a medical outreach camp in the village of Buwampa, outside Jinja. Over 2 days, 3,856 patients turned up to receive free treatment for common illnesses like malaria, respiratory illnesses, parasitic infections and diarrhoea. Patients also received HIV testing, family planning advice, ultrasounds, as well as dental and optical services.
[Photo below: Dr Debbie and Michael with Sue O'Neill, Rotary Woy Woy Team Leader]
Ugandan VTT
We are organising to bring this Ugandan team to Australia in 2017: David Mpagi - Team Leader, Monitoring and Evaluation, Saudah Kiganda - Team Leader, Laboratory, Julian Kalemera - Counselling and Dr Peter Kungu - representing Clinical Services.
The Ugandan VTT team will participate in leadership training, capacity building and PR training in Australia. They will spend time at the Central Coast sexual health clinic and work with Australia professionals to understand diagnosis, counselling and treatment methods in Australia. While in Australia, the team will be guests of the Rotary Woy Woy.