A community outreach project of the Rotary Club of Woy Woy

What's involved?

Would you like to put a smile on someone’s face! The "From me to you" project invites you to write an anonymous, handwritten note to a stranger: in this instance, your letter will go to an elderly person or a person in difficult circumstances. Let them know they are not forgotten... the community is thinking of them and sending good cheer.
This is a one-way letter exchange. You will not receive a letter in return. Receiving nothing in return for your efforts is your act of kindness. 

What to say?

Imagine having an informal chit-chat with a stranger. You can include (non-personal) snippets about yourself, how you are coping during COVID, or add a joke, a poem or a saying... talk about a hobby, books you’ve read, places you like, or have visited or hope to visit. 


Here's a few guidelines to ensure your letter will be well received:
  • Letter to be HANDWRITTEN on an A4 sheet
  • Writing should be legible, good size writing for easy reading
  • Do NOT include personal information. Include your first name, if you wish – nothing else
  • Do NOT date your letter
  • Be kind and thoughtful and keep sentiments generic. Don’t assume the person you are writing to is lonely or sick
  • Do not mention religion or use religious phrases to ensure your letter will resonate with anyone, regardless of their beliefs
  • You can be creative. Your letter can be colorful, with stick on photos, or artwork, or plain and simple.
  • Write as many letters as you like!

You’ve written your letter, what happens next?

Please post your letter addressed to:
From Me to You
Rotary Club of Woy Woy Inc
PO Box 175
Woy Woy NSW 2256

'Tis always the season to send good cheer!

The project was originally intended for Christmas 2020, but with the pandemic still with us and many of the elderly in semi-isolation, we have extended the project to June 2021. So keep writing. Your letter will be so appreciated.

Happy writing!

And thank you for participating in our community outreach project to spread joy in these difficult times.